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EA and Jo-Mei Games Announce Sea of Solitude

Introducing Our Second EA Originals Title - Sea of Solitude

Last June, we announced our EA Originals program to bring truly special new games from small developers to millions of players worldwide. Today, I’m pleased to introduce our second EA Originals title – Sea of Solitude. It is developed by Cornelia Geppert and her passionate team at Jo-Mei Games in Berlin, Germany.

Like many of you, I saw the first glimpses of Sea of Solitude last year. I was stunned by the intensity of the imagery and the emotional view into the universe of Kay, the central character. We follow her journey as she finds out that her biggest enemies are not the ones she comes across as she explores the Sea of Solitude, but something even more dangerous. Its combination of beauty and rawness is unlike any game I’ve played before.

Like Fe, our first EA Originals title, Sea of Solitude captures the essence of the games we want players to discover through EA Originals. We are celebrating the passion and talent of the amazing creators in our industry, and enabling them to bring unique and memorable stories to the world. Often that's brought to life in the narrative of a game, but sometimes, it’s the story of the individuals themselves. With Sea of Solitude, it was both – a story so personal and human, and one that carries a powerful message. Jo-Mei insisted it needed to be told, and I couldn’t agree more.

In writer and creative director Cornelia Geppert’s own words:

“Sea of Solitude is by far the most artistic and personal project I’ve ever created. At times it is very challenging to dig that deep into your own feelings like core fears, longing and anger, but at the same time it is the most fulfilling thing to express those very feelings by putting it to people through art.”

Through EA Originals, we are working with Cornelia and her team at Jo-Mei throughout the process of developing, publishing and bringing this incredibly creative story to all of you. I cannot wait to share more about Sea of Solitude with our partners at Jo-Mei in the months ahead.

Bully: Anniversary Edition Now Available for Smartphones

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The Rockstar Games tradition of groundbreaking, original gameplay and humorous tongue-in-cheek storytelling invades the schoolyard in Bully: Anniversary Edition. As mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins you’ll navigate the social hierarchy of the corrupt and crumbling prep school, Bullworth Academy. Stand up to bullies, get picked on by teachers, beat the jocks at dodge ball, play pranks, win or lose the girl and survive a year in the worst school around.

Bully: Anniversary Edition includes everything from the critically acclaimed Bully: Scholarship Edition plus support for high-resolution displays, enhanced graphics, improved lighting and textures, and controls redesigned for touch gameplay, all while adding multiplayer with new Friend Challenges.

Friend Challenges are head-to-head classroom and arcade style mini-games: see who can dissect the frog fastest in Biology, solve word problems in English, help a flying squirrel destroy his enemies with acorns in Nut Shots, and much more.


• Includes the complete Bully story with extra missions, characters, classroom mini-games, and unlockable items from Bully: Scholarship Edition

• Gorgeous graphics: high resolution textures, dynamic lighting, shadows and particle effects

• Native support for high resolution displays

• Challenge your friends anywhere with turn based multiplayer Friend Challenges. Play on the go and get notified when it’s your turn

• Intelligent touch controls with contextual buttons only when you need them

• Seamlessly continue your game across all your devices with cloud saves via the Rockstar Games Social Club

• Physical controller support

Tales of Berseria Demo Launches January 10, 'English Voice-overs' Trailer

Preorders, English footage, demo and more!

Dear Tales of fans,

Today, we have A LOT of news to share with you! The western release of Tales of Berseria is drawing near and the hype is hard to contain!

First and foremost, you can now preorder the game on Steam! Check it out, preorder or add it to your wishlist and join the discussions on the forums with other fans. There are, of course, bonuses for preordering the game on Steam:

• If you own Tales of Symphonia or Tales of Zestiria on Steam, you will get a 10% discount on Tales of Berseria

• By preordering the game, you will unlock a 15 minute Skit Video (available outside of the game on Steam)

And yes, it will support 60 FPS.

PS4 fans, we haven’t forgotten you! The PlayStation Store page will be opening very soon so stay tuned to @TalesofU on Twitter: we will notify you as soon as it’s available! However we can already tell you what you will get for preordering the game on PS4:

• An exclusive theme featuring the characters of Tales of Berseria

• A 15 minute Skit Video

• 3 soundtracks from the game

That’s not all! We are thrilled to confirm that a demo will be available for both Steam and PS4 on January 10th!

And before we go, many of you have been asking for footage of the English voice-over for a long time. Without further ado, enjoy cutscenes from the beginning of the game in English, recorded on the PC version.

Wild Guns Reloaded Launches December 20 in North America and Europe

Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha Test Coming December 16

Announcing the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha

At its heart, our upcoming shared world pirate game Sea of Thieves is all about you, your friends and the high seas adventures you’ll be embarking upon together. With this in mind, our ongoing approach to game design is to craft a wealth of features and systems suited to all manner of player motivations. Our intention is to get that content into players’ hands as soon as possible, giving us valuable feedback and insights into the diverse ways that people will play and experience Sea of Thieves.

As part of our commitment to pulling in player feedback throughout development, we recently launched our Sea of Thieves Insider Programme, inviting passionate fans to sign up and share their experiences and suggestions. Today, we’re excited to announce that our early Technical Alpha phase will kick off on December 16th with a series of scheduled playtests, and we’ll be inviting selected players from the Insider Programme to join us!

As with the rest of the Insider Programme, the contents of the Technical Alpha will be subject to the NDA all Insiders must agree to when signing up for the programme.

We’re powering into this phase of development with three main goals in mind:

1. We want to deliver on our promise to Insiders to help us test early game mechanics and services at a larger scale than anything we’ve delivered before.

2. We want to give our participating Insiders the opportunity to provide feedback about their experience.

3. We want to use this feedback and our data insights to make meaningful changes to our game.

Our first Technical Alpha play session will take place next weekend, from December 16th-18th. It’ll be available during several timeslots throughout the weekend, after which we’ll thank our participating pirates and give the servers a rest while we take on board everything we’ve learned, determining the best ways to apply it to Sea of Thieves’ development.

We’re overjoyed to see that thousands of eager gamers have already signed up for our Insider Programme, but the scale of the weekend’s session will be limited to around 1000 players only. This gives us the right scale and experience for our first test, and will allow us to focus closely on the feedback we receive. As we move on through the Technical Alpha phase, we’ll gradually increase the player base and frequency of sessions in line with the game’s evolution.

Ready to find out more? Watch the video to glimpse which new gameplay features will be included during this first round of the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha. Fully convinced and ready to go? Jump in now and join our Insider Programme to be in with a chance to play – and check out our official Forums and the Sea of Thieves subreddit for all the latest news and updates!

One Piece: Burning Blood Monkey D. Garp and Caesar Clown DLC Trailer

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