Little King’s Story Launches for PC via Steam on August 5

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XSEED Games Sets a Date for the Royal Coronation of Little King’s Story on Windows PC

XSEED Games, the independent-minded publishing brand of Marvelous USA, today announced that its critically-acclaimed, formerly Wii-exclusive classic Little King’s Story will make its royal debut on Windows PC via Steam,, and the Humble Store by Humble Bundle on August 5. To celebrate the occasion, the game will be offered at 10% off its regular list price of $24.99, €22.99, and £18.99 for the first week after launch (other international pricing may vary).

Originally released in 2009 for Wii, Little King's Story combines life simulation and real-time strategy elements with ample adventure and an enchanting storyline. Step into the humble shoes of Corobo, a timid young boy who stumbles upon a crown with the mysterious power to charm any person and make them follow any order. Using his powers of persuasion and his trendy royal scepter, the newly-crowned King Corobo begins his efforts to expand the run-down kingdom of Alpoko beyond his humble village.

Every character in Corobo’s kingdom has his or her own personality, and players can command these townspeople to carry out various tasks, be it hunting for treasure, digging ditches, fighting UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animals), or constructing bridges to reach and conquer new lands. Controlling subjects effectively is the key to building a thriving kingdom, so rule wisely: unite neighboring kingdoms under one flag and show the world just how grand a leader they’ve got in King Corobo!

In addition to an HD graphical update, the Windows PC release of Little King’s Story will allow for both XInput and DirectInput controller support, and will also incorporate various Steam-specific features, including a set of newly conceived royal achievements. Resplendent Steam Trading Cards will accompany the game as well, with completed decks bestowing upon players a king’s ransom in badges, background images, and chat emoticons.

The HD remaster of Little King’s Story on Windows PC will be published worldwide by XSEED Games via Steam, and the Humble Store by Humble Bundle on August 5, 2016, with a launch week discount of 10% off its standard list price of $24.99, €22.99, and £18.99.

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Chin Gentsai – The drunken master. Chin is a very ancient fighter who lulls his opponents to sleep with his drunken antics before exploiting their carelessness. He is both master and mentor to the two younger members of Team Psycho Soldier, and wants them to test their psychic abilities in the tournament.

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