A Peek Inside Ubisoft's Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within ~ Virtual Reality

Take A Peek Inside Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within

This year, Ubisoft will take two big steps into virtual reality, beginning with Eagle Flight – an aerial open-world game about eagles in a post-human Paris – and continuing with Werewolves Within, which invites groups of players to rat out their neighbors as they work together to find out who among them is a monster in disguise. Experiencing these games through a VR headset makes them feel almost real; seeing a 3D Paris spread out before you with a clear sense of height and distance is exhilarating, while the three-dimensional presence of the townsfolk in Werewolves Within gives the game a conspiratorial closeness. We can’t replicate the full experience here, but (with some help from Eagle Flight Programming Team Lead Vicki Ferguson), we can give you a small taste of both games in the above video.

Both Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within are set to arrive for VR devices on PC and PS4 in fall 2016. For more on Ubisoft’s VR games, check out our previous coverage:

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