Crazy Strike Bowling EX Launches May 25 in North America ~ PS4


Aiden – An enthusiastic boy with a good intention to be the best bowling player. His vigor is the fire power to his bowling ball.
Chloe – An pastel, beautiful world girl. She has ice powers that can help her to get a strike.
Lance – An angry, handsome soldier who loves to spend his vacations bowling. His canonshot power can eliminate any obstacle.
Mina – A high school girl with a dark secret under her shiny smile.
Paris – A beautiful, sexy girl with a supermodel body. She is actually a kindhearted person, but her friends think she is too bossy because she loves to control everything—including the bowling ball.
Mr. Jenkins – An enigmatic, mysterious bear. No one know if he is really a bear.


In Crazy Strike Bowling EX, players can use the DualShock 4 controller or PlayStation Move controller. Ball handling depends on Character’s stats (Power, Control, and Spin). Adjusting the ball and your costume will also help you to increase these stats, as well as your ranking.


Locations in Crazy Strike Bowling EX include:

• Windmill
• Ice Tunnel
• Crystal Mine
• Snow Land

Many unique obstacles await in each location.