Shovel Knight appears in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 with use of amiibo

A Shocking Surprise! Shovel Knight Appears in Gunvolt 2

STEEL THY SHOVEL! We’re pumped for this collaboration and Shovel Knight will be making an appearance in Gunvolt 2 as a boss fight! Check out a little teaser below:

Don’t you love that art! Just imagine an all out Super Shovel Knight made by Inti Creates…that’d be so cool! This Shovel Knight sprite was designed by one of the legendary pixel artist at Inti Creates, Masaya Suzuki, who’s been making sprites since the original Breath of Fire series and designed the Mega Man Zero sprite! We’re so honored!

Shovel Knight has traveled to several worlds now, but this marks his first formal appearance as a real, jumping, slashing, enemy health meter sporting boss duel! I hope he’s ready to bring it in that blue armor of his, otherwise he’s bound to be zapped!

Owners of the Shovel Knight amiibo will have this surprise challenge awaiting them in Gunvolt 2! Scan your Shovel Knight amiibo, select either Copen or Gunvolt, and just try to defeat Shovel Knight! It’s a pretty fun, action-packed fight, and might push your skills to their limits…we hope all Shovel Knight amiibo owners will give it a shot!

Shovel Knight is available to challenge in both the digital eShop version and physical version of the Gunvolt 2 by scanning the Shovel Knight amiibo. Don’t forget, we’re publishing the physical Gunvolt Striker Pack at retail this Fall which includes Gunvolt 2! Be sure to pick it up, and support 2D action game developers everywhere!