Snack World to Launch for Smartphones in Japan in April 2017, 3DS in July 2017

The Snack World launches in Japan for smartphones in April 2017, 3DS in July 2017

The Snack World will launch for iOS and Android in Japan in April 2017, alongside the premiere of the CG animated series on TV Tokyo, Level-5 announced during its Level-5 Vision 2016 event. The 3DS version will follow in July 2017.

The Snack World is Level-5’s fourth cross-media project following Yo-kai Watch. In addition to the anime and game, a manga for Monthly CoroCoro Comic will launch this winter, and a toy line from Takara Tomy is also planned.

The world of The Snack World is made up of the weapon shops and inns of traditional fantasy RPGs in addition to convenience stores, cafes, vending machines, and smartphones, earning it the title of a “hyper casual fantasy” world. Battles are in real-time and use simple controls. You’ll use real-world items called “Jara,” distributed by Takara Tomy, that are equipped with NFC chips readable by the 3DS or smartphone, to unlock the same item in the game.

Jara have a number of different brands, including “Britannia Enchant,” “Peffany,” “Clanarine,” and “Fairy Electronics.” Read more about The Snack World here.