Idol Death Game TV Debut Trailer ~ PS Vita

Idol Death Game TV PS Vita Game's Promo Reveals Characters

D3 Publisher began streaming a promotional video for Idol Death Game TV, its new PlayStation Vita game. The video introduces the game's cast and the death game concept.

The game is slated for October 20 in Japan, and the game will also be compatible with the PlayStation TV.

The story focuses on the "Dream of Dream" or D.o.D. competition, which sees potential idols in a contest to take the center (leader and public face) position in the Project 47 idol group. However, the 10th D.o.D. competition takes place at Shichibōkan, a mansion nestled deep in the mountains, and will involve the idols fighting for their lives, with the lowest in the popularity rankings executed in a "death game" broadcast on live television.

Witchcraft is developing the game, Metawo Ueda is designing he characters, and Shōjirō Endō (Kaihō Shōjo SIN) is writing and directing the game.