Gal*Gun: Double Peace Coming to Steam on September 27

It's about to get steamy up in here!

Your bodies were prepared, your minds were ready…but then Gal*Gun: Double Peace only came out for consoles. Teased! Tantalized! Deprived! Could it get any worse!?

NOPE! We heard your pleas and our answer is here! Gal*Gun: Double Peace is coming to Steam on September 27, 2016!

If you didn’t know how to Doki-Doki then you better learn now, because the most feel good shooter of the year makes its way to Steam, courtesy of Inti Creates and PQube! Shot by a Cupid Angel, you’re faced with a horde of smitten Academy girls who are determined to declare their love for you at any cost!

Find your true love and confess to her before the day is over or risk being forever alone!

Gal*Gun: Double Peace will be Steaming up your windows on September 27, 2016!

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