Until Dawn: Rush of Blood 'Bringing Terror to Life in VR' Video ~ PlayStation VR

New video kicks off Until Dawn: Rush of Blood week!

Another week, another PlayStation VR takeover. Following last week’s EVE Valkyrie blow-out, things take a decidedly sinister turn today, as we shine a flickering flashlight on flesh-crawling shoot ’em up Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. As usual, expect a rash of new info, video, screens, gifs and art to land here on PlayStation Blog, Twitter and Facebook over the next five days. You can keep track of everything in one place over at Storify.

To kick things off, we’ve got a brand new video shot at Supermassive Games‘ Guildford HQ, introducing what the Until Dawn VR spin-off is all about, how it’s getting the best out of PlayStation VR, and, most importantly, how it plans to scare your socks off. Look out for some brand new gameplay footage in there too. Enjoy!

Fred Dutton - SCEE Blog Manager