Without Memory Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer ~ PS4

Dino Games: Hello! :)

We are pleased to present Without Memory Pre-Alpha gameplay and several cutscenes. It’s a working prototype which may contain some faults, so it will still require a lot of time and effort to achieve the desired result. At the moment we are looking for a game publisher without whose support our team will not be able to complete the project.

About the Game

Without Memory is an interactive thriller, which main concept is based on the idea of three parallel worlds and your actions in one of them affect events in the two others.

The story springs from the dystopian world, and its main character, the policeman Leo Evans, epitomizes consumer society. Once, while getting back home from work, in his own apartment he walks straight into a federal detachment of peacekeepers, who suspects his wife in abetting terrorist organization Insiders and takes her in high-tech prison Animatorium for a change of consciousness. Having failed to resist his wife’s arrest and having lost her, some time later Leo changes his mindset and joins the Insiders to fight against the existing order. But soon he understands that this problem roots far beyond his home world…

About Us

Dino Games is a small Russian game studio founded in Moscow in 2015. Our team is passionate about nonlinear games, which allow each player to choose their own way and create their unique story.