Code of Princess Coming to PC via Steam in April 14

RPG/Beat-’em-up, Code of Princess, is coming to Steam on April 14th!

Degica is pleased to announce that Studio Saizensen’s RPG/beat-’em-up, Code of Princess, is coming to Steam on April 14th. View Code of Princess on Steam!

Humans and monsters once lived separately, but in peace… until now. Solange Blanchefleur de Lux is the keeper of a legendary sword and Princess of a kingdom that has fallen. It’s time for her to save the world. In her quest, she will meet a thief, a zombie, and a rock star… who will actually help her!

Take control of this ragtag band of warriors in this beat-’em-up with RPG depth and meet many eccentric characters as you endeavour to set things right!


• Unlock 4 characters to battle your way through Campaign mode and even more characters to use in additional modes!

• RPG stats let you decide how your characters will develop and collectible and equipable items let you improvise!

• Float like a butterfly with fighting combos and the Plane system and sting like a bee with the damage doubling Lock-on and Burst systems!

• Online cooperative play for when you’re feeling friendly and online versus play for when you’re not!

• Developed by industry veterans and illustrated by Kinu Nishimura of Capcom fame!