Compile Heart Announces Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter for PS Vita

Compile Heart Reveals Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter for PS Vita

Japanese game developer Compile Heart announced at the Dengeki Game Festival 2016 event on Sunday that it is developing the Kangokutō: Mary Skelter (Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter) PlayStation Vita game.

The "active 3D dungeon RPG" is a collaboration between Dengeki Bunko, Dengeki Playstation, and Compile Heart. Minutes light novel author Yomoji Otono is writing the story, and Dakei Naname is designing the characters.

The game's protagonist is Jack, a slightly timid young man who nevertheless gets things done when necessary.

Additional characters include:

Alice (played by Sumire Uesaka), the main heroine who is in Jail together with Jack. She and Jack support each other.

Akazukin (Little Red Riding Hood), an older young woman who saves Jack and Alice from Jail. She has a special power, and it is unknown why she saves Jack and Alice.

The game takes place in Japan, in a mysterious prison called "Jail" that is hidden 666 meters beneath the ground. Jail originally appeared in September 1999, and as it sank into the ground it became a living being. Afterward, demons called "Maruhein" appeared from underground, and they captured and imprisoned humanity in Jail. Jack and Alice were born a few decades after Jail appeared, and their goal is to escape.

Akazukin is a member of the Chishiki Girls Corps, a group of girls born after humanity was imprisoned in Jail. The group members possess a greatly improved physical ability, awakened by the blood of the Maruhein. Along with Akazukin, Oyayubihime (Thumbelina), Shirayukihime (Snow White), Nerihime (Sleeping Beauty) and other fairy tale princesses will appear in the game.

Compile Heart will reveal more information about the game in the issue of the Dengeki PlayStation magazine that will ship on March 31. Dengeki PlayStation will also serialize a novel version starting in the 612th issue on April 14. The novel will not be an adaptation of the game, but will tell a different story that takes place in the same world as the game. Kadokawa is publishing the novel as part of its Dengeki Bunko label.