Gal Gun: Double Peace Launches This Summer, Mr. Happiness Limited ed. Announced

Sneak a peek at the Gal*Gun Double Peace Special Edition!

Now that you’ve had time to fully prepare your bodies, Rice Digital invites you to peek up the proverbial skirt of this blushing and beautiful Gal*Gun Double Peace ‘Mr. Happiness’ Edition for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!

This year’s most outrageous (yet thoroughly tasteful!) new shooter from Inti Creates and PQube, features Houdai, a young man who, after being shot by a Cupid angel, must survive an onslaught of smitten Academy girls hell-bent on declaring their love for him at any cost!

Only by wielding a Pheromone Gun, which can deliver a dose of euphoria at the pull of a trigger, can he keep the girls at bay - and find a safe path to his one true love!

Now, exclusive to Europe and the North America is a new way for you to get some extra enjoyment out of this delectable slice of moe-action – the ‘Mr. Happiness Edition!’

The Gal*Gun Double Peace Special "Mr. Happiness" Edition includes

• Gal*Gun Double Peace, with a premium quality art book and a set of 4 DLC costumes that are included in the Mr Happiness Edition of the game: Cunning Kunoichi, Wedding Dress, Sexy Ribbons, and Sakurazaki Squad 777

• Exclusive Shinobu and Maya wall scroll

• Official Gal*Gun Double Peace soundtrack

• Supreme, ULTRA-RARE, extra-soft Mr. Happiness "Screen Cleaner" – gently wipe down your dirty screens for MAXIMUM visibility.

Gal*Gun Double Peace Special "Mr. Happiness” Edition is available in Europe and North America exclusively from Rice Digital.

Gal*Gun Double Peace is set to shoot its way into everyone’s hearts this Summer on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!

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