Homefront: The Revolution 'Guerrilla Warfare 101' Trailer

Homefront: The Revolution - Guerrilla Warfare 101

Against the technologically superior forces of the KPA, fighting the enemy on their terms is not an option. We fight them on our terms instead, so you better learn quickly. In our “Guerrilla Warfare 101″ training video we’ll teach you the basics of what you need to survive in the field.

Don’t just take the KPA head on. Assess your situation and prepare by modifying your weapons. Sometimes it can be better to use a silencer to take out the enemy’s guards for infiltration tactics. At other times you may want to stay as far away as possible, so add the right scope and grips to your weapon to take them out at a distance.

But sometimes things go wrong and your trusty pistol just won’t do anymore. Luckily you can convert your weapons on the fly. If things get hot, convert your pistol to a submachine gun or turn your assault rifle into a mine launcher to deal with enemy armor.

The enemy outnumbers us, so ambushes may be your best bet to take out the KPA . With the Guerrilla Toolkit you are equipped for all situations. Use explosive and incendiary devices to attack and ambush the KPA directly, hack enemy cameras and drones to turn their technology against them, or distract patrols to sneak past them. Thanks to a bit of good old American ingenuity, the items in your Guerrilla Toolkit can also be modified. Throw them, trigger them, lay a proximity trap, or put them on a Remote Control car to take direct control.

If you need to escape the KPA reinforcements after you hit them in one of the Red Zones, remember that the Resistance has motorbikes at your disposal. Live to fight another day, or even better, live to hit them elsewhere on the same day!

That’s all for now but be ready for the next part of your training. The Resistance relies on you.