Project Setsuna coming west on PS4 and Steam as 'I am Setsuna', Vita dropped

New Square Enix Studio to Revive Classic JRPG Hallmarks

At this year’s Game Developers Conference, the newest studio within the Square Enix Holdings group of companies, Tokyo RPG Factory, was on hand to reveal its debut title — I am Setsuna. The title is slated for digital release for the west this summer on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Steam.

Led by director Atsushi Hashimoto, Tokyo RPG Factory aims to capture the narrative depth, impactful storytelling and masterful character development inspired by the golden era of Japanese role-playing games and bring them to current hardware and technology. With a battle system inspired by the classic hit Chrono Trigger, I am Setsuna brings back authentic RPG gameplay, beautiful art design and a sorrowful story to the new generation.