Sea of Thieves 'Play it First' Contest Announced

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Sea of Thieves: Play it First Fan Contest

Hailing all ship captains, first mates, galley cooks, swashbucklers, and assorted no-good-pirate scum! We’re looking for the first people in the world to play Sea of Thieves, and there’s a chance it could be you. Yes, you.

That’s right. Rare is hosting a contest to find a select group of fans to play Sea of Thieves. The winners will score an all-expenses-paid trip to England to visit the studio, meet the team, and go hands-on with the game. All you have to do to enter is create an image or video that shows us how excited you are for Sea of Thieves.

Now, this being an organised contest, there are a few rules.

This needs to be a bespoke video or image created by you, which shows us how excited you are for the game. And we’re not looking for standard talk-to-camera stuff here, either. We’re looking for creative, unique entries. Show us your best pirate cosplay. Try building your own ship. Craft and wear the most elaborate and glorious fake beard you can think up. The more creative and entertaining your entry, the better chance you’ll have at winning.

Once you’ve created your image or video, there are a few ways to share it with us:

• Tweet a link to your image or video to @SeaOfThieves on Twitter, including #SeaOfThievesContest in the Tweet.

• Post a link to your image or video on our Facebook wall at, including #SeaOfThievesContest in your post.

For the full set of rules, click here.

Simple, right? With a bit of creativity, a cell phone, and an internet connection, you could be well on your way to playing Sea of Thieves. The contest closes on April 26, and we’ll be accepting winners throughout the contest period, so don’t wait too long to get started!

Since we first announced this game at E3 in 2015, we’ve seen a load of passion and support from the community. Even with so few details available, it’s been clear that the promise of Sea of Thieves – being the pirate you want to be in a shared, fantastical world – is one that’s inspired and excited Rare and Xbox fans alike.

We’ve been incredibly humbled by the excitement we’ve seen thus far, and as we move forward, we’re committed to building strong relationships with our fans and players. We want fans to be at the centre of everything we do with Sea of Thieves. As such, we can’t imagine a better group of people to be the first in the world to play our game.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with, crew. Here’s to this first adventure, and all the ones yet to come!