Total War: Warhammer ~ Introducing The Master Necromancer

The Master Necromancer is revealed in a new Total War: Warhammer 'Introducing' Video

Following the much anticipated reveal of the Vampire Counts in an epic In-Engine Trailer last week, we take a closer look at one of their most twisted Lords: The Master Necromancer.

T rapped on the threshold between worlds, you can learn more about the unholy powers of this dark lord watching the trailer right here.

The Master Necromancer is amongst the most cursed of all those who practice the magical arts, having exchanged his humanity for the ability to raise the dead and command them to wage war upon the living. Strange as it may seem, this depraved madman made this dread pact willingly. At the heart of the Master Necromancer’s morbid obsession is the need to subjugate and punish those who have persecuted him in the past, regardless of the cost. Drifting between the living and the dead, a Master Necromancer summons undead minions to fight enemies on his behalf.