Valhalla Game Studios opens Vancouver subsidiary

About Valhalla Games Studios International

Valhalla Games Studios International, together with its subsidiaries mainly based in Japan and Korea, is an emerging global entertainment software and content creation company primarily engaged in the creation, development, co-development and operation of high quality interactive entertainment software in the form of video games, mobile applications and arcade machine content.

Message from Satoshi Kanematsu, CEO and Director

Rock you! We develop games to rock your soul!

Back in 2008, we established Valhalla Game Studios Ltd. with the aim to become a high-end game development company that is globally competitive by pursuing our originality. Our ability to develop high-end games also means that we can develop a vast range of games including casual and mobile games.

We have been deploying the most powerful development team for 7 years since the establishment of the company. Surrounded by excellent human resources from diverse nationalities, such as US, India, France, Sweden, Russia and others, we have been able to develop original games and have acquired plenty of fans from all over the world.

2 core competences

We own a top world-level gaming engine, RUNE (Real Ultimate Ninja Engine) system, which is our own intellectual property. This engine enables us to greatly reduce the time and money costs for the development of high-quality games. In addition, we have secured excellent human resources who have the skills to expand a wide range of new products by utilizing this IP. With these 2 core competences as a value driver, we can grow into a global developer and publisher.

Valhalla Game Studios International will keep challenging on our mission to provide original games that are unique to us. By encouraging employees and myself, I would like to develop games which can rock the souls of end-users. This is just the foundation in order to send the most enjoyable entertainment to the world.