7th Dragon III Code: VFD 'Character Creation' Trailer ~ 3DS

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Rule #7 for Dragon Hunting: Always Fight in Style

Mark your calendars because 7th Dragon III Code: VFD will be launching in the Americas on July 12! To get you ready for when that day arrives, you're going to have to know what it takes to make a party, so we've created a video that highlights the game's expansive character creation.

The best part about character creation in 7th Dragon III Code: VFD? Other than being able to custom build, from scratch, each of the nine characters in your party are the 96 appearance variations and 40 voice options you get to pick from. There are no shortage of stylish outfits and unique personalities you'll get to bring into the dungeons with you. But while you fret over which combination matches your personal dungeoning style best, you'll first have to choose from the game's eight character classes:

Samurai - The class that loves swords, blades, and anything with a sharp edge.

Agent - The class that shoots and hacks with extreme prejudice.

God Hand - The class that heals allies and bruises enemies with nasty hooks and uppercuts.

Duelist - The class that uses magical cards to summon supernatural beings into battle.

Rune Knight - The class that deals devastating damage with magical short swords.

Fortuner - The class that can cast useful debuff effects.

Mage - The class that can unleash the full power of mana.

Banisher - The class that likes to smash.

While a wise person would choose to create a well balanced team that can take on variety of different enemies and have fantastic party synergy, there's always something to be said for creating a party full of Banishers to smash everything in sight. View/download the new trailer below!

7th Dragon III: Code VFD will arrive July 12 in retail stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS in the Americas. The game will be available for $39.99/CA$54.99. For more information please visit 7thdragon.sega.com