New Total War: Warhammer video showcases the Bloodpine Woods battlefield

Total War: Warhammer - Battlefield Briefing: Bloodpine Woods

Get a closer look at Bloodpine Woods in this first episode of Battlefield Briefing and see more of the epic visuals from the map such as abandoned human settlements and Greenskins camps.

We're also telling you more about the multiple strategic options the vast planes and dense forests offer and how you can optimise your army roster to assure victories on this specific battlefield.

Spoiler alert: long range artillery like Helstorm Rocket Battery and cavalry with the Vanguard trait such as the Pistoliers are perfect on this map.

About Battlefield Briefing: In this new video series, we are taking a closer look at some of the key battlefields in Total War: Warhammer and talk about the different strategies, tactics and challenges these maps offer.

These battlefields are Quest Battles in the game however we are looking at them from a Custom Battle Mode perspective. Recording is done directly in-game, hiding the user interface by pressing the “K” shortcut and using the cinematic mode on units.