Scribblenauts lead designer forms new studio, wants to twist AAA landscape

Former THQ, Warner Bros. Designer Forms Echohead

Echohead Games announced its formation today. The studio will be dedicated to producing innovative and genre-bending console and PC games. Founded in Lawrence, KS by Creative Director Matt Cox, Echohead’s first unannounced title will be resurrecting a familiar franchise in an unexpected way.

Cox was the lead designer on the original Scribblenauts and also designed for the Destroy All Humans franchise. He left the console games industry in 2009 to pursue non-profit opportunities, yet still developed small mobile titles that received critical acclaim including “Sticky Bees” and “Phantom Flower.”

"I love to take calculated risks with twists that appeal to both my mainstream nerves as well as my indie instincts,” says Cox. “I love designing core gameplay that can be fun in its simplicity, but has the depth to hook my hardcore side."

Aware of how volatile studios can be to sustain, Echohead plans to release at least one game each year to provide consistent revenue streams and stability for the internal teams. Varying from smaller experimental titles to medium online multiplayer titles to full breadth AAA action titles, Echohead will push the boundaries in different spaces.

“I find games like Her Story, Rocket League, and Rise of the Tomb Raider profoundly inspiring for very different reasons,” says Cox. “I want Echohead to be known for twisting the AAA landscape as well as venturing into completely uncharted territory with more experimental games.”

Echohead will capitalize on the iterative strengths and decision-making freedom of small teams for smaller games as well as the production horsepower advantages of large teams with a singular, sweeping vision. “Gameplay is king,” says Cox. “No matter if the game is big or small, production value doesn’t even apply if the core experience isn’t fun.”

Echohead will release more details about the popular franchise revival in the near future. More information may be found on their website

“We’re excited for Echohead,” says Cox. “We want to create interactive memories that last a lifetime.”