The Division 'Incursions' Update Trailer

Everything You Need to Know about The Division’s 1.1 Incursions Update - The Division - Incursions Q&A With Petter Mannerfelt

The Division – One Month Later by the Numbers

It’s been a month sincee Agents have been activated to take back New York City, and from the looks of it, you’ve all been busy. Today, Ubisoft released a new infographic detailing some overarching stats for The Division since its launch on March 8. The infographic covers stats like the average amount of co-op and solo playtime to the most popular primary weapon and items of clothing.

The Division’s Incursions update arrives next week on April 12, bringing the Falcon Lost incursion along with a host of gameplay tweaks, changes, and new features. The Division will have another free update, Conflict, as well as three paid expansions (Underground, Survival, and Last Stand) coming throughout the year. Xbox One owners will have 30-day exclusivity on the first two of the three paid expansions, Underground and Survival.

The Division is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.