Alternate history WWI shooter in development for PC, Xbox One & PS4

World of 1920+

World of 1920+ is an alternate version of the world and Europe, of the turn of the XIX and XX century. Period when tradition clashed with modernity, and the world was still full of mysteries and secrets. in the era of the industrial revolution, mankind fascinated by engines, iron and steel, began to experiment and try to build a huge walking machine.

The geopolitical situation is slightly different, but generally there is an alternative view of history, not a fantasy world. There is no magic here, although rumors say that the Tatars from the south can talk to animals and control the wind... but this is probably only figments of the superstitious villagers. The main difference is the alternative vision of technical development at the turn of the century, and thus the presence of powerful walking machine, both in everyday life and on the battlefields.

Like in early twentieth century Europe, the world of 1920+ is full of contrasts, diversity, secrets and unexplored places to discover, world where tradition and life in harmony with nature is slowly being replaced by modernity and technology.

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