Final Fantasy VII Monopoly coming in 2017

Final Fantasy VII Monopoly Announced for April 2017

Merchoid, the videogame merchandise specialist, has announced that Final Fantasy VII Monopoly will be released in April 2017. The game will be modeled on the classic, fast dealing property trading game, but will incorporate characters, locations and lore from the Final Fantasy VII game, originally released in 1997. The Final Fantasy VII Monopoly game is available to preorder first from Merchoid for £34.99/€51.99/$49.99.

Final Fantasy VII Monopoly continues in the footsteps of previous videogame themed Monopoly games including Fallout, Halo and Assassin's Creed. Merchoid's Community Manager Jessica Adams says "It's every family's favourite board game in a Final Fantasy VII theme, so it will feature Cloud, Aeris, Sephiroth and all your favourite characters and locations. Whether your plans are to buy housing for the people or build a Mako reactor plant, you'll soon discover the real nature of Sephiroth's evil is the extortionate amount of rent he charges."

The initial artwork (which is subject to change) features Cloud, Aeris, Sephiroth. Cid, Tifa, Barrett, Sephiroth and Cait Sith. More details of the game, including images of the board, pieces and cards will be revealed soon.

A date has not yet been officially announced for the highly anticipated PS4 Final Fantasy VII: Remake; the Final Fantasy VII Monopoly game has been scheduled for release on Tuesday 11th April 2017. Final Fantasy VII Monopoly will be exclusively available to online retailers and is available to order first from

Key product points:

• Monopoly game based on Final Fantasy VII
• Features characters, locations and lore from Final Fantasy VII
• Available to preorder first from
• Available for £34.99/€51,99/$49.99