Monster Hunter Generations 'Strider' Trailer

Strider Hiryu slices his way into Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations gets one more rad piece of special collaboration gear, and it is... *schwing* Strider Hiryu’s classic Cypher sword and armor!

As you may know, Monster Hunter games and Strider games are very different in the rate with which you are encouraged to mash your attack button. Strider Hiryu, in his games, benefits from the fastest rapid button presses possible, while monster hunters should be quite a bit more mindful of their controller inputs.

That said, we tried to approximate that true Strider feeling as much as possible, so his classic Cypher gets translated into the fastest-striking weapons in Monster Hunter: Dual Blades.

But wait, the Cypher is only ONE blade, and Dual Blades are, well, TWO blades... let's watch that again.

That's right, in keeping with Hiryu's total awesomeness factor, equipping this weapon will have your hunter filling in the left-hand strikes with their bare hands!

This collaboration turned out to be one of my favorites ever, but I think it sits quite nicely among our other three western exclusive: Ghosts 'n Goblins, Okami , and Fire Emblem, making it another neat little package of four in this game. =)

Monster Hunter Generations comes out on the Nintendo 3DS on July 15! And there's an eShop demo with local and online co-op coming to everyone on June 30.