Sea of Thieves E3 2016 Gameplay Reveal

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Sea of Thieves Resurfaces at E3

Ushered into the daylight at E3 2015 and then bundled quickly back below decks so that work could resume with a vengeance, Sea of Thieves has had a full year to provoke speculation and anticipation. Now, with E3 2016 bearing down on us like a ship full of fellow raiders in an unscheduled steering incident, it's time for some of your rampant questions to be answered and all-new ones to be raised.

We're on stage for the big Xbox briefing and on the show floor for the first global hands-on Sea of Thieves experience. Players will be submerging themselves in the latest in a long line of gorgeous Rare game worlds, and discovering the massive variety of ways to behave – and endearingly misbehave – within it.

For everyone who couldn't make it out to the west coast for some E3 time with Sea of Thieves, there's still no shortage of spectacle to take in. We've put together two new trailers for the occasion, the first giving you a cinematic moment-in-time snapshot of some of the in-game possibilities, set to the strains of a reworked high seas classic.

Freedom to forge your own path through Sea of Thieves is paramount. Hunt for a fabled hoard, romp across undiscovered islands, rise up against rival crews, carve out lasting legends... or just crowd around a table below decks getting ruined on grog and playing musical instruments badly. All viable pirate life choices, all open to you as your crew navigates wide open seas shared with friends and foes.

Those other rough-looking sorts you pass on the tides, bawling from the crow's nest or frantically priming their cannons? They're all other players making their own spur-of-the-moment decisions. Will you spend time together sharing stories of krakens and secret coves, or send those shifty-eyed lads and lasses straight to the bottom of the sea? Every pirate's got to do it at least once. Not that we're condoning such uncouth behaviour, but it's a cutthroat world out there.

Our second E3 2016 trailer follows up on the Sea of Thieves promise with a dose of gameplay reality, bringing together our Play It First contest winners and superfans in live play sessions recorded at Rare HQ prior to E3. These are the highlights from their own seafaring stories brought to life on that day.

Sea of Thieves is locked on course to launch on Xbox One and Windows 10. More news on dates and ways to play coming soon! In the meantime, we'd love for you to check out all the great new stuff on the official website for Sea of Thieves.

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“Sea of Thieves” is an immersive, shared-world adventure game filled with pirates, unexpected dangers and loot for the taking. Be the pirates you want to be, share adventures with friends and set your own rules, roles and goals in a world where every sail on the horizon is another crew of players with unknown intent.


“Sea of Thieves” is a unique co-op experience that combines the thrill of adventuring together with friends with the unpredictability of a shared landscape and its threats, both from other players and the world itself.

Innovative co-op gameplay in a shared world – “Sea of Thieves” is designed around players working together with shared goals and rewards, where you’ll go on epic voyages in search of legendary artefacts and buried treasure, but in a world where every sail on the horizon is another crew. What flag are they flying, and what do they want?

Be the pirates you want to be – Crew up with your friends and be the pirates you want, choosing your own roles and goals. Explore the world, take on quests, or seek out conflict. It’s your crew against the world, and how you deal with other crews is entirely up to you.

A rich fantastical world – “Sea of Thieves” invites players into a beautiful world with a distinctive art style, ripe for exploration and with mythical creatures lurking on islands and under the inviting surface of the sea…

An evolving experience – “Sea of Thieves” offers an experience that will evolve over time, landing in players’ hands early and growing thanks to community insights and feedback. New ways to play will be unveiled as the world expands and evolves.