Titanfall 2 ~ Meet The Titans Trailer

Standby to Meet All the New Titans in Titanfall 2 Multiplayer

In Titanfall 2 multiplayer, players will be able to choose from one of six new Titans. So far we've shown you Ion, Scorch, and gave you a glimpse of Ronin. Over the next several days we'll be revealing the remaining three Titans in Titanfall 2, Northstar, Legion, and Tone. Here is a quick look at what you can look forward to as you get familar with the Titans for Titanfall 2:

Tone: Tone is about accurately laying waste to enemies both efficiently - and explosively.

Northstar: Northstar is a master of both flight and precision kills.

Legion: Legion utilizes an assortment of ballistic abilities focusing on defense and control.

Ronin: Ronin loves getting up close with it's samurai vibe, and quick to get in and out tactics.

Ion: Ion uses it's energy management abilities to divert power between it's three weapons systems.

Scorch: Scorch manipulates fire as it's primary source of defensive and offensive abilities.

We're really excited to show you more, so make sure to check back over the next couple days as we deliver your first look, including gameplay, of the Titans in Titanfall 2.