Symmetra is gets a redesign in Overwatch

Short video showing the range of the Shield Generator

Symmetra Changes


She now has TWO ultimate abilities that can be chosen from when her ult meter reaches 100%

1. Teleporter now has more health and some of it is shields (wich means it will regen some health)

2. Shield generator (NEW) can be placed on the ground and provide shields to teamates in a area around it. It ignores line of sight. (75hp shields)

note:the shield generator (and likely the teleporter) have 14 bars of shield and 2 bars of health. Each bar is worth 25 HP, so the total health pool of the generator is 400 HP (350 shield + 50 health)


25hp shields was REMOVED as an ability.
Now replaced with Photon Barrier wich is basically a Reinhart shield that moves along a trajectory in the direction in wich Symmetra was aiming and moves at walking speed.

She can now place 6 turrets during setup without cooldown and it takes 10 seconds to tick up the counter on the number of turrets able to be placed instead of 12 seconds.


Right click is the same
Left click has 40% more range (was 5m now its 7m)

They're also adding a "group up" button at the end of games that you can click if you'd like to group up with the random group of people you matched with. If multiple click it, you'll group up for future games.

Developer Update - Symmetra Redesign