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Exile Election Character Details and Opening Movie Revealed

After two separate teaser sites leading back to the game’s announcement, Nippon Ichi Software have now revealed some Exile Election character details, as well as the game’s opening movie.


When he came to, he was standing at the entrance of an amusement park.

“If you don’t do it quickly, it will be too late. The monster is right there.”

Immediately after that, a monster he had never seen before with a strange voice invaded the plaza and began devouring people. Once satisfied, the monster quickly left, and only 12 people remained.

“Like I said earlier, the only human beings left are the ones here now. But I can’t let everyone survive, so I will reduce the number from now…until there are only 2.”

The following words were horrible beyond imagination.

“Everyone will choose who should survive, and who should not survive.”


Outside of Aliceland, the amusement park where the protagonist is located, is a devastated world. There are monsters wandering around that will definitely kill and eat you if you encounter one, so escape is impossible.

The protagonist and the others are trapped in this amusement park – the last stronghold – and now must participate in the deadly ‘Exile Election’, prepared by a mysterious mechanical doll called Alice, in order to survive.


This is a story of revenge.

The protagonist’s goal is revenge on the 9 people who chose to exile his little sister in the first round.

By discovering the personalities, relationships, pasts, weaknesses, and so on of the participants, you will gather information for the election held every 3 days.

Deceive others, exploit their weaknesses, and pretend to work with those who have mutual interests – use any means necessary to get your revenge!

The player can freely select which character to exile.


Kaname Ichijou - Age: 17 (high school student): The main character. Misa’s older brother, and Ichika Houshi’s childhood friend. He is rational and calm, but uses the game to get revenge on the nine people who ‘exiled’ his sister. His synesthesia means he can recognise sound as colour, allowing him to see someone’s lies as red.

Misa Ichijou - Age: 13 (middle school student): Kaname’s sister. A cheerful girl who mediates the relationship between her brother and Ichika. She values the stuffed animal her brother bought her when she was younger.

Ichika Houshi - Age: 17 (high school student) Kaname’s childhood friend. She trusts Kaname absolutely and seeks to work together to meet their goal.

Noori - Age: Unknown: An innocent girl who has lost her memories. She doesn’t understand language, and her behaviour is immature. Kaname and Ichika protect her.

Miori Himeno - Age: 15 (middle school student): Yuuri Himeno’s older sister. She is gentle and hates hurting others, so she doesn’t want to participate in the election. She is the centre of her three-person group with Yuuri and Michimune.

Yuuri Himeno - Age: 14 (middle school student): Miori’s younger brother, and Michimune’s best friend. He has a gentle heart, like his sister, but he also acknowledges her shortcomings. He’s the brains of the group.

Michimune Isurugi - Age: 14 (middle school student): Yuuri’s best friend. He has a refreshing personality, and has a strong desire to protect Miori and Yuuri. Although he’s confident in his physical strength, it’s not very useful in the election.

Hakushuu Isumi - Age: 20 (college student): Aasha and Kaasha’s neighbour. He was also previously their tutor, and is still very fond of them. He has a chronic illness, so he carries a portable pill case containing his medication.

Aasha and Kaasha Tadenomiya - Age: 13 (middle school student): Twin sisters who speak in an old-fashioned way and are very smart for their age. While they are obedient towards Hakushuu, they often kick him around. They have no interest in the other groups.

Izuki Ayara - Age: 20 (unemployed): He is repeatedly aggressive towards others. Although he’s isolated from the survivors, he doesn’t seem to care.

Issei Ninchouji - Age: 25 (chef): A young man who works at a restaurant. He has a very friendly personality. As the oldest of the group, he often takes co-operative action against others.

Shihori Yurizono - Age: 21 (college student): A woman who is indifferent to others. She has no motivation for the election, and doesn’t care whether she lives or not. She has bad eyesight, but rarely wears her glasses.

Alice: The mysterious mechanical doll and self-proclaimed manager of the surviving humans. It holds the Exile Election and enjoys the election process, but its goal is unknown.

Exile Election releases in Japan on 27th April for PS4 and PS Vita.