Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom due out by March 31

The game is on the road!

We've been working nights and days on Shiness for months now– we’ve been doing all we can to finish the game and to make it as great as it can be! You can expect a release before the end of Q1 2017.

Releasing our first game has been an amazing adventure but also a huge challenge. The PC version is feature finished, and we are now debugging with plans to put the final touches in the coming weeks. The Xbox One and PS4 versions are almost finished - we are also debugging and should start the certification process very soon.

Here’s a bit more info about Shiness in its current, feature complete state:

• It takes us around 35 hours to complete the game
• There’s more than 30 epic boss fights
• Around 100 different enemies you will fight against.
• 2 hours of Original Sound Track.
• 20 special quests and special missions.
• More than 30 different magic spells
• A unique crafting system
• A load of great dungeons and gigantic fights!
• ...and a whole lot of extra things we’re sure you will love.

Further information about the game, a specific release date and more will pop later!