Konami Announces Bombergirl for Arcade

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Bombergirl Announced as a 4v4 Co-op Arcade Game at JAEPO 2017

Konami announced Bombergirl, an upcoming 4v4 co-op arcade game at JAEPO 2017 today. Here’s a look at its first images and some gameplay footage from the event.

Here is a look at the cabinets for Bombergirl that Konami revealed at JAEPO 2017. It’s not Bomberman but BomberGirl, and it introduces a new way to play with a fun and new style to go with it.

The game is based on the block destruction madness from Bomberman but it features 4v4 co-op battles with the objective of blowing up the enemy base first. With these newly added elements, it not only makes it fun to play, but also fun to watch.

It also comes with a button that pops out at the end of the match, which adds to the excitement.

By raising the cute and strong Bombergirls, you not only power up their bombs, but can also have them learn various skills. Using these skills strategically will be the key to winning battles.

Shiro - Bomber: Can place plenty of bombs.

Momoko - Blocker: Can create blocks.

Oren - Attacker: Can move in high speed.

Emera - Shooter: Can attack enemies from long-range.

Bombergirl is in development for arcade. Fans can check it out at JAEPO 2017 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture from February 10-12, 2017.