100ft Robot Golf is Coming to Steam

100ft Robot Golf is coming to Steam!

Guess what! Our multiplayer arcade golf game 100ft Robot Golf is coming to Steam on March 16th, with a whole bunch of new and improved features!

New AI Brains!

The first revision of the AI robot brain was okay, but we felt like there was a ton of room for improvement. So we went and improved them!

We’ve completely rewritten huge chunks of our AI brains to make AI play feel more like a multiplayer game, and less like a very polite solo golf game. Robots are smarter and will use new logic to find the best route to golf in. They’ll blow up buildings just for the heck of it. They’ll even go after you if you get in their way!

Simplified Chinese translation!

We’re excited to release a full text and subtitle translation of the game into Simplified Chinese! Translating goofs is a super hard problem, but we knew we’d found the perfect translation crew when they started filling us in on weird Frozen jokes that only exist in the Chinese redub.

Mouse and Keyboard support!

We wanted to make sure that we weren’t a controller only game for the PC release, so we spent a bunch of time adding mouse and keyboard support. The plus side of this is that you can have a keyboard player AND controller players playing at the same time in split screen mode!

More Graphics!

We put more graphics in! There’s fancy new water rendering! Depth of field! Buildings explode into more detailed chunks, and stick around longer! There’s more people running around on the ground!

You can adjust all of these with…

As Many PC Settings As We Could Cram In!

One big thing we learned from releasing Roundabout on Steam was that people love settings and get cranky when there aren’t a lot of settings. We added so many settings. You can tweak shadow cascades, override LOD levels, spawn in too many people, and much much more.

“I have a slow computer but I still want to play your game”. Good news, you can use these settings to enable…

Less Graphics!

Dial all the hard work we’ve done down to nothing! Actually, there’s one cool thing about all these settings: if you crank all the detail down far enough, it almost looks like a retro game.

All Those Steam Things You Love, including new emoticons from Steve ‘Fobwashed’ Kim

We pulled Fobwashed away from his award winning gif meme and wrestling game making to create an A+ set of Steam Emoticons. They’re great!

We’ve also got all that other steam junk you love, like Trading Cards, Badges, Cloud Saves, Achievements and Leaderboards.

...and more!

The Steam release also includes all of the gameplay upgrades and tweaks since the original launch, including the fresh new bossa nova in-game soundtrack that we introduced in the Winter Update. There’s also some new bonus gameplay tweaks that we’ll let you discover on your own.

Thanks again for supporting our fun golfing big robots game!