Birthdays the Beginning 'Celebrate' Developer Diary

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Birthdays the Beginning - "Celebrate" Trailer With Yasuhiro Wada!

In the finale of Yasuhiro Wada's trilogy of Birthdays the Beginning trailer videos, Mr. Wada discusses the theme "Celebrate!"

As you play through the story, you will notice a creature library that you slowly build on. This creature library can show a player's captured life-forms, its rarity, and some insight on what life-form you captured! Once you finish the story mode, players will notice that only half of the library is discovered. Expand your world and find ways to capture all life-forms in free mode!

Lastly, Mr. Wada discusses "Challenge Mode" where your goal is to birth a specific organism within an allotted time given and other certain limitations. Think of it as a time attack mode! Remember, there are multiple ways to successfully complete the Challenge Mode, so anything goes!

Birthdays the Beginning arrives for the PlayStation 4 (NA) and Steam on May 9, 2017! The PS4 version for EU regions releases on May 12, 2017!