Nier Automata Steam Page is Live

Nier Automata Steam Page

NieR: Automata is coming to Steam on 17th March 2017!

The headline says it all really but we’re happy to announce that NieR: Automata will be released worldwide on PC on 17th March 2017!

You can pre-purchase the Day 1 Edition right now on the NieR: Automata Steam page (and pre-order from other retailers) and it comes with the above awesome bonuses.

If you pre-purchase the Steam version of the game you also get a really cool exclusive Valve character accessory! If you’ve seen the PC announcement trailer< which we released at gamescom 2016, this might be a fun little Easter Egg for you. You basically have a valve accessory that you can attach to 2B’s head in four different positions show below:

It’s pretty cool right? Remember that you can only get the Valve character accessory if you pre-purchase the Steam version of NieR: Automata so be sure to do that to make sure you don’t miss out! The Day 1 Edition also won’t be around forever so don’t hesitate if you want to pick up NieR: Automata on PC.

Just in case you missed it on the Steam page, here’s the details on the recommended PC specs< to run NieR: Automata. We hope you guys are excited to play NieR: Automata on PC and to stay up to date with all the latest news and updates be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!