Prey 'Neuromod Research Division' Trailer

Prey – Neuromod Research Division Video

Never mind the improvements to the Neural Modifier (or “Neuromod” for short) – including “smaller insertion points” on the rapid release needles that you literally jab into your eye. The real innovation is what this device can actually do: alter your neural circuitry in very potent ways. This isn’t just about enhancing your human abilities – like boosting your strength, speed, hacking skills and more – but also acquiring unique abilities that have been learned from the hostile Typhon aliens aboard Talos I. The latest video from the TranStar Research Team shows off some of these astonishing new powers – along with how the entire system works.

With the Typhon threatening to destroy mankind, you’ll need every edge you can get in order to fight the invasion. These abilities are just part of your powerful arsenal. Check out our deeper dives into the powers and abilities, and stay tuned for the next TranStar Research video showing the weapons and gadgets you can find aboard Talos I.