A Hat in Time Releasing Fall 2017 on PC and Mac, New Trailer

A Hat in Time announces Fall 2017 release date, new trailer: Murder on the Owl Express!

We are happy to announce that A Hat in Time will release fall 2017. Ever since the Kickstarter launched we've been working really hard to bring the absolute cutest game on the planet - and I think we've achieved it. Hat Kid is heckin adorable.

We're also excited to show a new act: Murder on the Owl Express.

Murder on the Owl Express is an act in Chapter 3: Battle of the Birds, and it perfectly encapsulates our vision for A Hat in Time: A cute little girl in a messed up world, trying to jump, fight and stitch her way home.

Someone is dead. Like... for real dead. Stabbed-in-the-back dead. In a cute 3D platformer. And it's Hat Kid's mission to solve this crime. Will she put on a cute detective outfit? Ofcourse. Is it up to her to decide who gets life in jail? Ofcourse. Do we enjoy putting Hat Kid in messed up situations? Absolutely.

A Hat in Time isn't about jumping around in empty levels and tasking you with collecting 100 items of whatever. We want to tell a story about a little girl, in an open free-to-explore environment, and her adventure through time and space. We hope you'll be looking forward to the game we've made!

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