Sega Announces New Corporate Identity Based on the 'Amazing Sega' Concept

Sega Announces New Corporate Identity Based on the “Amazing Sega” Concept; Promises Surprises

Today Sega announced a brand new corporate identity concept with a series of videos.

A corporate identity intends to communicate the company’s image to its customers in a way that is easy to understand, and this new image is based on the “Amazing Sega” concept.

The concept is communicated through a video of an eye, an emotional clip featuring Yakuza series Director Toshihiro Nagoshi, and a making of video.

The “Amazing Sega” corporate identity focuses on the company’s determination to provide “more surprises than ever before” to its customers, and will be used as a branding tool for each subsidiary of the Sega group.

Interestingly, the videos feature a special device developed internally that measures the expression of the human eye and turns it into data. The device was used to track the eyes of players engaging with Sega’s games, and the data generated by moments of amazement was converted into sounds

More is coming over the next few weeks, but you can check out the videos above. You can also read more on Sega’s upcoming plans here.