Starbreeze announces Starstream games showcase live stream event for May 10

Starstream by Starbreeze – premiering an exclusive live-streamed event May 10

To feature exclusive development update on Overkill’s The Walking Dead, PAYDAY 2, “Veterans of the Industry” panel with Warren Spector & Tim Schafer, exclusive announcements & more

Come one come all! Starbreeze invites you to an exclusive live-streamed event on May 10 starting 9am PST /12pm EST/ 6pm CEST featuring first looks and previews, in depth interviews and fun for the whole community on a number of Starbreeze projects including:

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead, PAYDAY 2, an introduction to the universe of System Shock 3, Psychonauts 2, Dead by Daylight and a panel titled “Veterans of the Industry” featuring Warren Spector, Tim Schafer and Bo Andersson.

Players around the world can tune in to the Starbreeze Twitch Stream on May 10: to follow the event.

Starting 9am PST / 12pm EST / 6pm CEST, the segments will include features and titles such as:

• Overkill’s The Walking Dead
• Psychonauts 2
• System Shock 3
• Exclusive PAYDAY 2 announcement
• “A Veterans of the Industry” panel featuring Warren Spector, Tim Shafer and Bo Andersson.
• RAID: World War II
• Deliver Us The Moon
• Trailers and unveils
• Community interaction and giveaways and more

Additional information will be available on the website in the days leading up to the stream, visit to learn more about the event.