Atelier Online Announced for Smartphones, Coming this Winter in Japan


A completely new app themed after the Atelier series’ world and game systems. While adopting the series’ charms of a heartwarming world impression, synthesis elements, timeline-based strategic battles, and so on, the game systems are being designed to be easily enjoyed on smartphones. With online support, you can adventure, synthesize, and cooperate with a group of other players, which you could not do in previous Atelier games.

Game Features

Travel and Synthesize with a Group of Players – With online support, you can adventure, synthesize, and battle alone or with a group of other players.

Beautiful Fields – The appearance of the fields, monsters that appear, and items you can gather change with the time, season, and weather.

Gathering and Synthesizing – The game is fully equipped with side elements. Gather up an abundance of items and fuse them through the game’s substantial synthesis system.

Battle – Cooperate with your friends to battle strategically. You can fight using items, too.

Play Style – Freely customize your outfit and skills. You can freely change your equipment too.