A Hat in Time Coming to PS4 and Xbox One this Fall

Announcement: A Hat in Time coming to PS4 and Xbox One this Fall!

A Hat in Time is arriving on Windows, Mac... and now PS4 and Xbox One THIS FALL!

When we launched the A Hat in Time Kickstarter, we were incredibly stunned by the sheer volume of people interested in our little Hat Kid and her adventure. We had never anticipated that the game would hit home with so many people!

We only ever aimed for A Hat in Time to release on PC, as that's what we were familiar with. Prior to the Kickstarter, none of us had any experience developing for consoles, but it had always been an audience we wanted to bring A Hat in Time to. However, due to the lack of technical knowledge and resources, we were not able to make this a reality on our own.

However, thanks to the incredible people at Humble and Hardsuit Labs, A Hat in Time is coming to PS4 and XBOX One! While us at Gears for Breakfast continue to develop A Hat in Time independently and without outside influence, the generous team at Humble is publishing The PS4 and XBOX One version, while the skilled Hardsuit Labs is porting the entire engine. This would not have been something we would be able to do ourselves!

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will feature all features present in the PC release, and will receive the stretch goal updates as well!

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