Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Mobile Game Ad Campaign Debuts

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Mobile Game Ad Campaign Debuts

MZ, the real time technology company and free-to-play mobile game creator and publisher of the hugely successful Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike, today debuted its first TV and digital advertising content for its newest game, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

The breakout star of the new ad campaign is lifestyle entrepreneur and social influencer Alexis Ren, whose star turn follows notable MZ game advertising icons Kate Upton and Mariah Carey (for Game of War) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (for Mobile Strike). Ren will be featured in several TV spots over the coming months, as well as on ads on mobile devices and banner/display advertising online.

“The women in the Final Fantasy universe are strong and assertive, so when we looked for someone to personify them in our advertising, Alexis was a fitting choice,” said Kristen Dumont, COO of MZ. “Alexis is a smart and talented young woman who has built and currently leads a legion of more than 10 million followers, through social media. We believe Alexis is going to be a big breakout star, and we are proud to highlight her as the archetype for this fun mobile game.”

Ren, who at 20 is already an accomplished model and runs her own clothing line, had been patiently waiting for an opportunity to break out on television.

“I’ve been very selective about choosing my first ad campaign, but the opportunity to play a character who is a confident woman and a powerful leader was a perfect fit,” said Ren. “Final Fantasy has fans across every culture, around the globe, and these ads allow me to reach new audiences on new platforms. I am very excited and proud to be a spokesperson and public face for a game that is a lot like me – it’s fun, it’s social, and it values leadership and team-building.”

The first ad in the campaign can be viewed at the link below. It, and other ads featuring Ren, will air across multiple broadcast and cable channels, and on varied programming, including NFL football.