Code Vein details Jack Rutherford and Eva Roux, weapon types and Queen’s Knight

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Code Vein new screenshots available: 2 new characters, weapon actions and Queen’s Knight relevealed

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe today releases a new batch of screenshots taken from the third-person action RPG Code Vein.

These news screenshots feature: Jack Rutherford and Eva Roux, two revenants with a twisted past that will team up with the player during some special events despite belonging to the opposite faction. With the two characters in the party the battle style will dramatically change and become more aggressive.

The game will support different weapons categories like One and Two-hand Sword, Bayonet, Halberd and Great Hammer. Every category features different Weapon Actions. They can be slower/faster, more/less damaging, long/short distant attacks and have different side effects and animations depending on the player and the weapon used.

Queen’s Knight: This human type lost is fully equipped with a spear, a shield and two knives on the back. He can use single, double, sharp and wide attacks and when its energy goes down he can change phase and become more aggressive. All of these elements will make him tougher to beat and will prove the player’s skills.

Code Vein will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Digital in 2018.