Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro Bundle Launches Jan. 26 in North America and Europe

Introducing the limited edition Monster Hunter: World PlayStation 4 Pro bundle

As players ready to track and battle titanic beasts next week in Monster Hunter: World, we’re happy to unveil a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro to celebrate the game’s release. Launching alongside Capcom’s action adventure on 26th January, this monster 1TB PS4 Pro is daubed in eye-catching artwork featuring the fire wyvern Rathalos.

Alongside the console comes a physical copy of Monster Hunter: World standard edition, and a customised red Dualshock 4 controller with unique designs. You can check out the console and controller in full above.

As part of the bundle, you’ll also receive voucher codes for an in-game Origin Armour Set, Fair Wind Charm Talisman, as well as a Monster Hunter: World dynamic Theme. Check your local retailer for availability.

Jayne Murphy - Product Manager, SIEE -