Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom ~ 25 Minutes of PS4 Gameplay

The Battle for the Heartlands (0:00 to 7:35)

Evan has overcome the trials of the king’s cradle and forged a bond with a kingmaker. Now all he needs is a kingdom to rule. He begins to make his way to the uninhabited territory of the Heartlands in the hopes of establishing his realm there, but finds the path blocked by a swarm of bloodthirsty bandits. There’s only one way through—to arms!

One Good Turn Deserves Another (7:35 to 25:07)

Determined to prove his right to rule, Evan is on his way to take a trial at the king’s cradle when both he and Roland are captured by sky pirates. Just when it seems certain they will be put to death, a young girl named Tani swoops in to grant them a stay of execution. Soon after, our heroes are taken to the sky pirates’ base, where their fate will be decided by Batu, the leader of this bloodthirsty band.