Onrush, by ex Motorstorm and Driveclub devs, releasing June 5 on Xbox One and PS4

Treat ‘Em Mean Keep ‘Em Keen

Hello, folks! Long time no blog!

Happy New Year! Feels weird saying that at the end of January... ANYWAY!

I know we haven’t given you any news of late but you know the saying – treat ‘em mean keep ‘em keen! So hopefully you’re all eager to read some HUGE news about Onrush, mixed in with a few nice little surprises.

First up – Onrush pre-orders are now LIVE!

Need an incentive to pre-order? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If you pre-order on PlayStation you will gain access to an exclusive early access beta in May!

This will give all you pre-order people an exclusive chance to get a head start on your rivals!

Exclusive early beta access not enough for you? My word, you’re an insatiable bunch aren’t you! Well, this is something ONLY for the extreme Onrushers out there. Are you ready?

Introducing the Deluxe Edtion!

The Deluxe Edition is the ultimate must-have for any adrenaline junkies out there.

You will get eight exclusive vehicle designs, a deluxe crashtag, two unique tombstones, a special vortex buggy AND eight console exclusive designs!

That’s a whopping 17 unique and bespoke vehicle designs in total! That will ensure you stand out from the stampede.

And don’t worry Xbox fans, we haven’t forgotten about you! Details of an exclusive digital Xbox Deluxe Edition will be coming VERY soon. We’re treating you extra mean to keep you extra keen!

By now I’m sure you’re suffering from information overload, but we have one more little surprise for you.

We haven’t released any footage, or screenshots, of Onrush for quite some time now, as you probably already know. We just like playing hard to get!

But yesterday (29th) and today (30th) we’ve been able to share some STUNNING new snaps with you all on social media.

Now you probably think we captured these moments in some magical, mystical, voodoo ritual kind of way. Oh no…

All of our screenshots were taken via Onrush’s in-game photomode!

That’s right! When Onrush smashes onto your screens in June you will be able to pause the madness and snap some beautiful screenshots to share with the community and your mates.

Photomode features a 360 degree camera that can be flipped any way you like. Want to take a crazy upside down shot in mid-air? Go for it. Want to get up close and personal with your vehicle as it obliterates your rivals? Do it. The choice is yours!

What? That’s not enough for you? OK then. How about the ability to alter the camera’s shutter speed, zoom and focus distance to create the perfect, sweeping action shot?

Or perhaps you want to get your Instagram on and toggle between a number of adaptable filters? Be our guest!

We can’t wait to see how artistic you all are when Onrush blasts its way into your living room. Just try not to put us out of a job, OK?

Don’t worry if any of the above sounds alien to you. We have bombarded you with A LOT of info!