Cygames Bringing Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse to PAX East and Anime Expo

Come see Shadowverse at PAX East and Anime Expo!

Show up to PAX East or Anime Expo in Shadowverse cosplay to get hold of exclusive swag!

Cygames will be showing off both Shadowverse and the hit RPG, Granblue Fantasy, at PAX East (Boston, Apr 5-8) and Anime Expo (Los Angeles, Jul 5-8).

(Note: Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link has not been announced for the west just yet)

There will be showmatches to take part in, swag to grab, demos to play, anime to watch, and much, much more. Anybody who turns up to the event in Cygames-themed cosplay can get hold of exclusive gifts, while Shadowverse illustrator Kazashino will be drawing live at the event.

Book your tickets to PAX East and Anime Expo soon so you don’t miss out on the chance to chat to leading Shadowverse players, creators, and cosplayers, and to pick up some of the exclusive merchandise that will be distributed as prizes and giveaways. And stay tuned to our official Facebook page ( for news and announcements about both our cosplay activities and the live illustration event.

Hopefully see you in Boston and LA!

- Shadowverse Team