Way to the Woods Debut Trailer, Coming Early 2019 to PC and Consoles


All of the lights will guide you to the woods. Coming early 2019 to PC and Consoles

Its been so long guys remember my game Way To The Woods??

Sorry I've been so quiet! I'm an old, old 18 year old man now but at least I have trailer and new screenshots for you guys.

Watch the trailer!!

Is this a game?

Yes! WTTW is a third person adventure game.

What platforms is WTTW on?

Currently PC, however I’m also really gunning for console as well.

When will it come out!?

Early 2019 dudes

Is WTTW randomly generated?

Ya fools its HAND MADE! with stones

What programs are you using?

WTTW is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. I use Maya, Zbrush, and Photoshop to do the art... yeah mostly those

6. What are your inspirations?

I super love and get big inspo from Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, The Last of Us, and a lot of music / artists.