Cosmic Star Heroine for PS Vita Launches April 24 in North America

Cosmic Star Heroine Vita Release Date

We're happy to announce that Cosmic Star Heroine on Vita will be released on April 24! That's only a week away! This is for the North America release - we're still finalizing the European release and hope to have everything set for that release ASAP as well, but we felt since the NA release was ready, there was no need to delay it further.

The game is cross-buy between PS4 & Vita so if you already own a PS4 copy, the Vita version will automatically be added to your account at release. And if you buy the Vita version next week, you'll get a copy of the PS4 version as well.

Thank you everyone for your patience! Porting the game to Vita was a huge learning experience for us as the game required extensive optimization in order to run at a level we were pleased with. We hope you enjoy it!

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