Wild West Online to Depart Early Access and Hit Steam May 10, Launch Trailer

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Wild West Online to Depart Early Access and Hit Steam May 10th - Launch Trailer

Get ready to tame the West with the full release of Wild West-themed action MMO Wild West Online. Departing Early Access and hitting Steam for the first time on May 10th, Wild West Online has utilized community feedback to expand its features and gameplay in order to create a compelling western experience for its official launch on Steam.

With launch Wild West Online will contain an assortment of new features, including:

• The addition of the rival faction global conflict to the world.

• The addition of several major public PvP events that happen randomly throughout the world. Players who decide to participate will fight to get their hands on rare items and rewards.

• More PvE quests and missions given to players by NPCs throughout the world.

• More activities such as expanded mining, farming, hunting, cooking, brewing alcohol for sale, and much more.

Players who purchase Wild West Online now will receive a Steam key when the game launches as well as special bonus items, including:

• Access to the Early Access version of the game TODAY.

• 10 cosmetic bags with an assortment of items to alter the look of characters, valued at more than $20 USD.

• 10 gun skin bags to customize guns, also valued at more than $20 USD.

• Early access to Wild West Online’s release – 48 hours before it becomes available to everyone on Steam.