Owlboy Limited Edition Launches July 13

Owlboy: Limited Edition for Switch and PS4TM takes flight in July

Sodesco is delighted to announce that they will be releasing a unique Limited Edition of Owlboy for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The Limited Edition will become available in stores on the 13th of July.

The Limited Edition of Owlboy includes the base game for either Nintendo Switch or PS4TM along with a range of alluring collector’s items, in an exclusive Limited Edition box. Each of these boxes will include the following items:

Owlboy base game for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4

Certificate of authenticity with a unique Limited Edition number

Original soundtrack, physical copy featuring the majestic Owlboy sounds

Owlboy notebook for logging all your adventures

Owlboy manual full of useful information about the game

Two pins, one of the Owlboy logo and one of main character Otus

Two metal coins inspired by the collectible 'Buccanary coins' in the game

Pin box to safely store your pins and coins

Sticker sheet with seventeen magnificent Owlboy stickers

There will only be 6000 pieces of this Limited Edition available worldwide per platform.