Battletoads Announced for Xbox One and Windows 10


There are some things you don’t really think you’ll ever get the chance to type.

Yesterday, Sunday June 10th 2018, at Microsoft’s E3 Briefing our reveal teaser was shown for Battletoads. Words cannot do justice to the amount of pride I feel for my team right now. This is a project that has come together through the passion and hard work of the women and men of Dlala. This is a game we’ve wanted to make for a long time and that is being made with love.

The reaction has been overwhelming. I was terrified before we went live that no-one would react to the teaser in the room, or that we would get torn apart afterwards. Everyone has been so incredibly supportive and open to giving us a chance, and it genuinely means the world to me.

I promise each and every one of you reading that we will give our all to this project and make it something that we can all be proud of.

For those of you interested we have some positions open to join the existing Battletoads team here.

Thank you to everyone that helped us get here and thank you to everyone showing love for Battletoads.

We can’t wait for you to all see Zitz, Rash and Pimple in action.